Why Do People Remember Your Smile So Much?

Why Do People Remember Your Smile So Much?

People love to watch other people. If that weren’t the case, urban plazas would have been empty long ago. As a culture, we are so intrigued by other people. Different hair, different clothes, and different faces are always catching our eye. So why is it that we remember a beautiful smile so much?


Smiling can transform you. As you think about positively, a smile may flash across your face. Smiling can take us from a dark mood to a lighter place. Each time you smile, you activate your brain which benefits your body. You are more relaxed when smiling, and studies have shown that smiling can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. You feel good about yourself when you are happy. Your smile exudes confidence to others.


When other people see your smile, they may treat you differently. They may see you as confident, and they may also see you as sincere. Interestingly, many people equate a beautiful smile with attractiveness. People tend to remember the smile of other people, and it may be, that a smile is the most important factor in determining the attractiveness of another person.
Smiling does not only determine how attractive a person may be, but it may also determine the response of another person. If a person has an agreeable facial expression, it is likely to be mimicked. Many people respond to a smile positively. If you smile first, they may smile back. You remember people who make you smile because it is a physical and emotional response.


If you would like to create a beautiful and memorable smile, give us a call. We would love to talk to you more at your routine checkup and cleaning about how to improve your smile.