We Want You To Come See Us, No Matter How Long It’s Been

We Want You To Come See Us, No Matter How Long It’s Been

If you have not been to the dentist in a long while, that is okay. We still will not judge you. Things happen in life that can make patients feel squeamish about seeing a dentist. If you have not been to our office before, you need not worry. We keep an open mind when it comes to everyone’s dental care.


We are interested in all our patients, whether they regularly see us or they are newcomers who have not set foot in a dental office in years. Our goal is to help you get used to regular professional dental visits and a routine program of conscientious at-home care. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your current state of oral health. You just need to schedule an appointment so you can get back on the right track in taking care of your gums and teeth.


We have a full range of dental services, all meant to take care of individual patients’ needs. For example, we offer different types of professional dental cleanings for patients, each which focuses on the condition of a patient’s gums and teeth. For patients who regularly see us, we offer a prophylaxis cleaning, which is used to remove plaque and tartar and surface stains from the teeth. If a patient has gum disease or is at risk for gum disease, we offer a scaling and root planing (SRP) or deep cleaning. For patients who wish to take advantage of the newest dental technologies, we provide laser therapy as well. Lasers can be used to clean the teeth or clean out gum infections and tooth decay. If you don’t like pain, we can use lasers or make you more comfortable with a local anesthetic.


Given our services, you will highly benefit yourself by scheduling an appointment. If you have not seen a dentist in a while, don’t worry. Our only goal is to help you improve your oral health and support regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings every 6 months.