Side Effects Of Wearing Dental Braces

Side Effects Of Wearing Dental Braces

When it comes to attaining the perfect set of pearly white teeth, sometimes you have to follow the age-old adage: no pain, no gain. That’s why people opt to go through the long months of wearing dental braces, dealing with the pain, discomfort, and much more, just to get that perfect smile.

While some pain is acceptable, there are other side effects of dental braces that are not. Here are some common and uncommon side effects of wearing dental braces.


These are some of the common side effects of dental braces.

Discomfort and Pain

This comes as no surprise because braces are usually associated with discomfort and pain. Since the wires work by shifting your teeth and sometimes, even aligning your jaw, it can create a lot of pressure on the teeth. This leads to discomfort, pain and even headaches.

It does take a while for the mouth to get used to the braces, and till then, you are bound to experience some irritation. The braces can feel foreign in the mouth, poking into your gums and cheeks at times.

Difficulty in Eating
Braces cause a lot of problems while eating. Certain foods are restricted forever, and other foods can be hard to chew with the wires.

There are some uncommon side effects of wearing dental braces, in which case, you should contact us at (949) 574-0100 right away to book an appointment.

Allergic Reactions
Some people can experience an allergic reaction after wearing dental braces. This can be from the metal wire, latex band, or other pieces of plastic in the braces. Luckily, there are alternatives for this, but you need to contact us right away to diagnose the problem and start treatment.

Tooth Decay
Wearing braces is already hard. Cleaning them is an even bigger nightmare. That’s why people tend to get lazy and don’t clean their teeth and between the braces properly. If you don’t practice care, this can lead to the growth of bacteria and increase the chances of tooth decay.

Root Resorption
One dangerous side effect of dental braces is root resorption, and it usually happens when you continue to wear braces for more than two or three years. This condition causes the shortening of roots and can cause long-term permanent damage to the teeth. 

Whatever the side effects, they can be easily remedied or controlled if diagnosed in time. Therefore, contact Dr. Saghatchi at Newport Dental Group to get your braces checked right away for any adverse side effects.