Prevent Bone Loss

Prevent Bone Loss

Tooth loss and bone loss are serious issues. It can be caused by many different issues, including gum disease, facial trauma, bruxism, and more. When you lose your teeth, several things begin to happen. Your smile suffers. It becomes more difficult to eat and speak properly. Your jaw even begins to weaken and change shape, altering your bite. Missing teeth need to be replaced. At Newport Dental Group, we can replace your missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants are popular for many reasons, including their unique ability to prevent bone loss.

How Bone Loss Occurs

Along with all of the functions your teeth perform above your gums, they also have an important job below the gums as well. Every time you chew, the roots of your teeth stimulate the jawbone. This stimulation lets your body know that nutrients are needed at the jaw and surrounding areas. When you lose teeth, the stimulation decreases. Even missing one tooth leads to less stimulation. The body then thinks that fewer nutrients are needed, so it sends less. Gradually, the bone begins to resorb and grow weak.

How Bone Loss Occur
Treatment for Replacing Missing Teeth

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a popular treatment used for replacing missing teeth. This revolutionary treatment provides you with an alternative to bridges and dentures. Dental implants use small titanium posts to support your replacement teeth. Rather than sitting above your gums, like traditional treatments, the titanium posts are surgically implanted into your jawbone. Your bone fuses to the posts in a process known as osseointegration, stabilizing them in your jaw. These posts, then become strong roots that hold your replacement teeth secure in your mouth.

For dental implants to be placed, we first need to make sure that you have sufficient bone mass left in your jaw. Without enough natural bone mass remaining, the implants cannot be properly integrated into your jaw. The implants may only be partially integrated, causing the posts to be loose, or they may not integrate at all, causing complete failure. Just because you do not have sufficient bone mass during your initial consultation, however, this does not mean that you are ineligible for implants. You may first need to undergo a bone graft to restore bone mass. If you are missing a full arch of teeth, you may also be a candidate for the All-on-4 treatment concept, which uses four strategically implanted posts to maximize contact with existing bone mass.

Bone Grafting for Dental Implants
How Dental Implants Prevents Bone Loss

Dental implants offer numerous benefits.

  • Along with restoring the functions of your missing teeth and the aesthetics of your smile, they are also easy to care for, comfortable, and designed to be permanent.
  • One of the biggest advantages that sets dental implants apart from other treatments, however, is the fact that they are the only treatment that can prevent bone loss in the jaw. However, how is this possible?
  • The posts are surgically implanted into your jawbone. Once there, they act like the roots of your natural teeth.
  • Not only do they support your replacement crowns, but they also restore the stimulation to your jawbone when you chew.
  • The posts stimulate the jaw just like the roots of your natural teeth, strengthening the message your body receives. As a result, the body starts sending more nutrients, which aids in maintaining the health, strength, and shape of your jaw.
How Dental Implants Prevents Bone Loss
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