Multiple Dental Implants

Dental Implants: Replacing Multiple Teeth
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One of the best features of dental implants is how highly customizable they are. Once a post is placed, it can be used with a variety of prosthetics to restore missing teeth and retain some level of your bone health. At Newport Dental Group, we offer a variety of implant options, including width, length, and the number of implants needed – just in case you end up needing multiple dental implants. We can work with the patient in creating a treatment plan that considers their current dental health, along with making a plan as changes occur. We can design your plan to fit a variety of needs. If you are only missing one tooth, we can help you determine if a single dental implant is right for you.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

What Are My Options For Multiple Missing Teeth Replacement?

Dental Bridges:

Dental bridges have been used to replace up to three missing teeth in one area of the mouth. These restorations consist of fake teeth set between two crowns, which are used to anchor the bridge into place on the adjacent healthy teeth.

Dental Bridges
Dental Dentures
Dental Dentures:

If you were missing a larger section of teeth, or even an entire arch, either a partial or full denture was used. Dentures, both partial and full, are removable treatments that consist of fake teeth set into an acrylic base that rests directly on the gums, relying on them for support. Partial dentures also have metal clasps, which attach to healthy teeth for more stabilization.

Dental Implants:

Dental implants use one or more small titanium posts to support replacement teeth. The posts are surgically implanted into the jawbone, and rely on a process known as osseointegration for proper stability and success. Osseointegration is the process in which your bone fuses to the posts, integrating them into your jaw, and essentially turning them into replacement tooth roots. When this process is successful, the posts are strong, stable, and sturdy. Ceramic crowns, which replace the visible portions of your missing teeth, are screwed into place on the tops of the titanium posts, which keeps them securely in place.

Dental Implants
Best Tooth Replacement Option
What Are The Best Tooth Replacement Option?

At Newport Dental Group, we recommend correcting the loss of multiple teeth with dental implants. There are many pros and cons to each solution, but implants are the superior option.

What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?
  • They look, feel and function just like your natural teeth.
  • They can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth.
  • The posts function just like the roots of your natural teeth.
  • They stimulate the jawbone, which helps to stop and prevent bone loss.
  • The teeth are held securely in place, so there is no worry about them slipping.
  • They are comfortable, as the teeth are supported by the posts, rather than gums.
Benefits Of Dental Implants
What Is Involved In Dental Implants Surgery?

Implant Surgery:

Surgery starts with a local anesthetic and sedation, both of which help to ensure your comfort during the procedure. We make incisions in your gum tissue, which provides us with access to the jawbone. Next, holes are drilled into the bone by your customized treatment plan. The titanium posts are placed in the holes, and your gums are stitched closed around them. There is a small amount of each post left exposed above the gum tissue. A temporary restoration is placed on the implants, which will provide you with some functions while you recover.

Healing Process:

Depending on your specific situation, and the number of implants that have been placed in your jaw, healing can take up to several months to complete. We closely monitor your progress throughout this time, making sure that your bone is fusing to the posts properly and there are no complications with your recovery.

Final Restoration:

Once you have fully healed, we then begin the process of creating your final restoration. First, the temporary teeth are removed, and impressions are taken of your mouth. The impression is sent to a dental lab, where the replacement teeth are designed and created. It can take a couple of weeks before your restoration is sent back, so the temporary teeth are set back in place. When the restoration is complete, you return for one final visit. At this visit, we check the restorations for fit and bite and screw them into place.

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