Why Do People Remember Your Smile So Much?

People love to watch other people. If that weren’t the case, urban plazas would have been empty long ago. As a culture, we are so intrigued by other people. Different hair, different clothes, and different faces are always catching our eye. So why is it that we remember a beautiful smile so much? SMILING DISPLAYS […]

Healthy Teeth Love Fresh Produce

Walk down the aisle of your local farmers’ market, and you will see an array of fruits and vegetables just waiting to bless your body! Bright red juicy fruits, bumpy textured cucumbers, and fragrant leafy greens are just a small sample of the beautiful array of produce from local farms. Your senses are heightened, and […]

Contact Us If You See These Cavity Symptoms

While there is a whole load of good bacteria in the dental cavity, some contribute to teeth decay, cavities, and periodontal gum diseases. Usually, this happens when bacteria in the mouth damage the enamel causing tiny gaps or openings. CAUSES OF CAVITIES A Tooth cavity happens over a considerable time. The process starts when one […]

Problems With Using More Than A Pea-Sized Amount Of Toothpaste

Consuming too much food can be a problem. Spending too much money can be a problem. Driving too fast can be a problem. Can using too much toothpaste be a problem? TOOTHPASTE AND CHILDREN Good oral hygiene habits will benefit children for a long time. It is a good thing that we teach our children […]

How Depression Causes Toothache

Thanks to modern science, it’s hard to ignore the link between mental and oral health. Nearly 70% of patients with depression report experiencing a toothache. There’s plenty of evidence that connects gum disease to mood conditions like stress, depression, loneliness, trauma, anxiety, and distress.At Newport Dental Group, Dr. Saghatchi and have met with patients who […]

We Want You To Come See Us, No Matter How Long It’s Been

If you have not been to the dentist in a long while, that is okay. We still will not judge you. Things happen in life that can make patients feel squeamish about seeing a dentist. If you have not been to our office before, you need not worry. We keep an open mind when it […]

Potential Risks Of Orthodontic Treatment

All kinds of orthodontic treatment cause minor or major changes to your teeth roots. Sometimes, risks are inevitable, especially when it comes to complex procedures. However, there are many ways to prevent and counter risks in different types of orthodontic treatments.At Newport Dental Group, Dr. Saghatchi and his team can share all the risks regarding […]

Gum Grafting Pros & Cons

Gum recession is a more common dental problem than most people realize, affecting four to twelve percent of American adults. Gum recession refers to the pulling or wearing away the teeth surrounding tissue, leaving the tooth/root exposed. Most people may not notice it right away because it’s a slow, gradual process and doesn’t occur overnight.Read […]

What Is Pulp Capping?

When the dental pulp is nearly or completely exposed by a deep cavity, from a traumatic injury, or during cavity preparation, the pulp can die. Pulp capping is a complex dental restoration technique used to prevent necrosis of the dental pulp.At Newport Dental Group, Dr. Saghatchi and have the expertise to perform pulp capping to […]

Side Effects Of Wearing Dental Braces

When it comes to attaining the perfect set of pearly white teeth, sometimes you have to follow the age-old adage: no pain, no gain. That’s why people opt to go through the long months of wearing dental braces, dealing with the pain, discomfort, and much more, just to get that perfect smile.While some pain is […]